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The LifeLine Digital Pressure Gauge provides exceptional accuracy and hassle-free performance. Enabling to you achieve the perfect pressure rating for your tyres, it not only can give you an accurate pressure reading within 3 seconds, but is compatible with Presta and Schrader valves while also featuring a 'Bleed Valve' enabling you to fine-tune the inflation.

Perfect Inflation Pressure
To increase accuracy and functionality even further it features both 'Calculation Mode' enabling you to measure the inflation of the tyre and 'Adjustment Mode', which allows accurate pressure measurement as you use the bleed valve to achieve the perfect inflation value.



Max Pressure: 160 psi 
Valve Type: Presta & Schrader 
Pressure Adjustment:Bleed Valve 
Inflation Units: PSI, BAR, KPA, KG CM2 
Display: LCD Backlit 
Power Saving: Auto Power-Off

LifeLine Digital Pressure Gauge