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Kettenwixe DuraGlide FRO - For Racing Only! - Is the new special blend for racers.

Development was carried out in two years' direct cooperation with team mechanics of our supported MTB pro teams and ambitious racers from our sponsorship.

Kettenwixe FRO and FRO ultra are the alternative for MTB and cyclocross racers of all categories that their material optimally - want to prepare - like the pros.

What Are You Looking For: An oil for the ambitious and professional race that lasts a long time and makes you forget the one chain. 

What Kettenwixe FRO, your chain and your way to personal success makes for you:

  • - FRO is to withstand an oil with high compressive strength at elevated wattages
  • - FRO reaches a sufficiently silent run by a combined internal and external lubrication
  • - Kettenwixe FRO is designed so that your chain on all races with dry to changing conditions without lubrication by holding long
  • - Kettenwixe FRO enables easy cleaning of the drive components after use

What makes the differenz from Kettenwixe FRO ultra to Kettenwixe FRO:

  • - Kettenwixe FRO ultra has an additional reinforced abrasion resistance for extreme conditions
  • - Kettenwixe FRO is designed for the most frequent occurring racing conditions. It offers the advantage of a particularly simple cleaning of the drive components after the race

Product features

  • Use: MTB- Cyclocross-Race
  • Content: 50ml

Kettenwixe FRO